Military Training Should Include Woodwork

With how stale the job market has become, many young people are starting to shy away from traditional, 9 to 5 desk jobs. Instead, they’re looking for avenues which have more dynamic work environments. Employment in the military falls squarely into this category. The military is one of the most dynamic work environments in today’s job market. Each day produces new challenges which must overcome. Though contending with these challenges can be difficult, it’s very fulfilling. As such, more and more young people are being drawn towards the military as a career option. Besides these benefits, there also other reasons which make a job in the military very desirable.

The best thing about working in the military is that you get to serve your country in a straightforward way. Being a public sector job, military roles require you to carry out tasks which benefit the people of the nation. This very fact alone prompts many dedicated young men to join.

Another great aspect about working in the military is that it brings you a lot of respect in society and improves your social standing. Every patriotic citizen is proud of their country’s soldiers for the dedication and effort they put into protecting the nation. It’s a matter of great pride to be associated with the army.

Now that we’ve gone over why one should join the army; let’s see what it takes to be a part of the military. Military training, which every soldier must go through, is a process which is both mentally and physically taxing. Most people know the purpose of including self-defense, gun handling, marching, etc. as part of military training. However, few people know why woodwork should be included as well.

Woodwork is all about using tools to shape raw wood into furniture, items or instruments which are of great use. It involves the use of powerful tools and knowing how to grind every angle. Woodwork requires high levels of concentration and technical knowledge to exceed at. By including this discipline as a standard part of training, soldiers will develop useful skills and traits which are required on the battlefield. Some examples of this include discipline, patience, tenacity, etc.

Working with wood isn’t possible without the right tools. It can be difficult to make something grand with just basic items like screwdrivers, hammers, and hacksaws, even though it can be done. Ideally, one should work with power tools like circular saws, drills and table saws. Since these are more advanced tools which are more expensive, they can be a little harder to choose. Thankfully, to help you in this pursuit, there’s a whole list of tools which have been compared by It’s pretty comprehensive and should allow you to find something which is a great fit for you.

Experience with woodwork can have a very direct impact on the lives of soldiers and staff posted on or near the battlefield. As an example, skills learned from woodwork can make camping a whole lot easier. Soldiers will know how to make temporary structures which can support them throughout their stay in the wilderness. They’ll also be able to quickly identify which types of woods can be used for starting a fire and which can’t.

The connection between motorcycle and military men

The mandate of the military men is to offer protection of our borders. The safety and protection measure gives them an upper hand in the passion for a motorcycle. Actually, a motorcycle is among the military equipment though mostly used in a less fierce battleground. The inbuilt-in lithium battery of the automatic gives it the power and energy to drive the engine in even rough landscapes.

The clothing of a military man is more similar to the motorcycle gear, look at jacket comparison reviews to have a picture of what the fashion industry has to offer for motorcycle jackets. The boots common among the service men help in riding a motorcycle, in fact, with that he needs not to think of purchasing a pair of boots for motorcycling. He already has one.

Motorcycling is not for the fainthearted just like the military men. Someone who is ever prepared for war can handle any kind of challenge any time of day and night. A motorcycle for a military man when off duty is a blessing in disguise. Apart from having a feel of nature and a workout plan, he can take a long road trip without the fear of getting dark or going deep in the forest. Some of the safety skills they learn help them to withstand the cool nights and terrifying situations.

Despite the skills, safety and protection are paramount. You cannot start a war just because you feel you have a gun and military skills, you will overpower them; similarly, a military man must have all the protective gear to enhance his skills and enjoy the motorcycle ride. Some of the motorcycle gear includes


The helmet prevents the head from injury as well as stops dust from reaching the eyes inhibiting proper vision. Choose a well-fitting helmet; use various online reviews to choose the best in the market within your budget. In the case of an accident, the impact breaks the helmet keeping the skull protected for it houses the brain- the engine of all boy functions.


Why put on a jacket. The jacket keeps you warm during the cold weather and the wind during high-speed cycling. A good jacket must have more than two layers, the outer one being waterproof, the middle layer should be made from a material with the ability to regulate heat and temperature while the inner lining should be smooth to avoid friction and keep a military man warm when riding.

Safety kit

Despite the skills, he must have a toolbox with pliers, hammer, and tape among others. Mechanical breakdown is inevitable during riding, even a tire puncture. It can happen in the middle of nowhere where your skills together with the tools are your only savior. Pants and boots are vital motorcycle clothing.

The work life of a military man revolves around machines, guns, and military vehicles; a change is as good as a rest. A motorcycle is the best automotive to allow him to enjoy his off days or leave days away from the sound of guns and instructions from his superiors. The relaxing effect alleviates stress and anxiety.

Why there is a need to have humidifier and a good toilet in a Military Camp

The increase in atmospheric moisture content in the air alleviates dryness and attracts a humid atmosphere in a military camp. Depending on the season, the dry season requires a humidifier to keep the house humid and fresh. The work of military personnel in itself is not a walk in the park; the external factors should give them an ample time to enjoy the little time they have to rest at home. At the camp, the presence of the enemy might hinder the military personnel to have a glimpse of the fresh air; a humidifier comes in handy.

Besides, it aids to alleviate the adverse symptoms of allergies and dryness of the skin leading to frequent attacks of cold and flu. The military needs good state of heath at all cost to maintain peace and order on the internal and external borders. The state understands the tough work of the service men and women. Hence the provision of value added services to enhance their comfort.

At times, their work gives them no time to even apply make up for their dry skin, a humidifier within the camp acts as a natural moisturizing agent to keep their skin glowing and hydrated. Their contact with pollen grains in the bushes in the course of their work come stimulates allergic reactions, the onset of sinuses, coughs, breakage of the lips, dryness of the skin, sore throat and other dehydration related symptoms. A humidifier within the camp helps to improve the efficiency of the military personnel due to improved health.

A good toilet, on the other hand, is a sanitation requirement. Remember, within the camp circumstances may force them to stay force them to accommodate more soldiers within the same house especially during reinforcement plan. A humidifier comes in handy to enhance the circulation of fresh air, and a good toilet is a must-have sanitation appliance.

What makes a good toilet?

There are many types of toilets for a military camp- the squatting type and the sit in toilets. In extreme cases, a pit latrine, although very rare unless it is a permanent camp. Look at a website to give you online reviews on the best flush toilet for a military camp.

From the reviews, you can have a visual view of the beauty and aesthetic value of the flush toilet system to make a wise decision on the purchase

The drainage of the flush toilet system requires a good constant flow of water to maintain cleanliness and hygienic standards. To save on cost, you can have a two-in-one system, a toilet/bathroom although it has its share of disadvantages. The septic tanks and the soak pit should b in good condition to allow safe emptying of the solid and liquid waste. Availability of water is one factor the state considers when setting up a military camp to accommodate the busy life of the army personnel. The paramilitary personnel is responsible for its general cleanliness to maintain the sanitation standards. A humidifier and a toilet in a military camp is not only a sanitation measure but also a health precaution.


Military Play Pool And Ping Pong To Destress

The military is one of the most important parts of a nation’s government. It’s the wing of the government which gives the country legitimacy and respect in the international community. The military is responsible for protecting the citizens of a country from threats both internal and external. Given its power and status, it can be easy to forget that, at the end of the day, the military is ultimately run by humans just like you are me. Most people working in the military are brave men and women who are fueled by patriotism and ready to sacrifice themselves for the country; however, they’re still human. That means that they too feel stressed from time to time. One of the best ways of dealing with this stress is by participating in recreational activities like pool or ping pong.

Both pool and ping pong are fun and friendly indoor games. They’re similar in that they both require good hand-eye coordination and an active mind to play effectively. They also need some specific instruments and specially made tables. In the case of ping pong, it’s two paddles and a ping pong ball while for playing pool, cue sticks, a cue ball, and 15 other colored balls.

Ping pong is a fast paced game where the speed of the game can reach breakneck velocity. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of the ball when professional players play since the ball crosses  the table multiple times each second. Playing the game at such a fluid pace wouldn’t be possible without the ping pong table. The ping pong table is a large table made of wood which is usually painted blue in color. There’s a net in the middle which divides the table lengthwise in equal parts. In many ways, a ping pong table looks like a miniature tennis court. Seeing as how the quality of the table can have an enormous impact on the quality of the game, you should aim to play only on well-built tables. is a great online resource which you can use to find the best ping pong tables. Almost any table recommended by this site should leave you satisfied.

When it comes to the table, pool requires a table which has multiple holes in the sides and corners. These holes are just large enough for the balls to go through them. While the exact rules can vary, the main play of pool is to hit the cue ball with the cue stick such that it indirectly hits another ball and gets it to fall into one of the holes. This is how players score in the pool, with each player taking a turn at a time. The game of pool can be a slow and labored affair since each player is allowed to take as long as they want to calculate their move and figure out the ramifications before making their play. The relaxed pace of pool makes it an ideal game to play when you’re just lounging and want to play something that’s slow yet satisfying.