Why there is a need to have humidifier and a good toilet in a Military Camp

The increase in atmospheric moisture content in the air alleviates dryness and attracts a humid atmosphere in a military camp. Depending on the season, the dry season requires a humidifier to keep the house humid and fresh. The work of military personnel in itself is not a walk in the park; the external factors should give them an ample time to enjoy the little time they have to rest at home. At the camp, the presence of the enemy might hinder the military personnel to have a glimpse of the fresh air; a humidifier comes in handy.

Besides, it aids to alleviate the adverse symptoms of allergies and dryness of the skin leading to frequent attacks of cold and flu. The military needs good state of heath at all cost to maintain peace and order on the internal and external borders. The state understands the tough work of the service men and women. Hence the provision of value added services to enhance their comfort.

At times, their work gives them no time to even apply make up for their dry skin, a humidifier within the camp acts as a natural moisturizing agent to keep their skin glowing and hydrated. Their contact with pollen grains in the bushes in the course of their work come stimulates allergic reactions, the onset of sinuses, coughs, breakage of the lips, dryness of the skin, sore throat and other dehydration related symptoms. A humidifier within the camp helps to improve the efficiency of the military personnel due to improved health.

A good toilet, on the other hand, is a sanitation requirement. Remember, within the camp circumstances may force them to stay force them to accommodate more soldiers within the same house especially during reinforcement plan. A humidifier comes in handy to enhance the circulation of fresh air, and a good toilet is a must-have sanitation appliance.

What makes a good toilet?

There are many types of toilets for a military camp- the squatting type and the sit in toilets. In extreme cases, a pit latrine, although very rare unless it is a permanent camp. Look at http://www.thebestflushingtoilet.com/one-piece-reviews/ a website to give you online reviews on the best flush toilet for a military camp.

From the reviews, you can have a visual view of the beauty and aesthetic value of the flush toilet system to make a wise decision on the purchase

The drainage of the flush toilet system requires a good constant flow of water to maintain cleanliness and hygienic standards. To save on cost, you can have a two-in-one system, a toilet/bathroom although it has its share of disadvantages. The septic tanks and the soak pit should b in good condition to allow safe emptying of the solid and liquid waste. Availability of water is one factor the state considers when setting up a military camp to accommodate the busy life of the army personnel. The paramilitary personnel is responsible for its general cleanliness to maintain the sanitation standards. A humidifier and a toilet in a military camp is not only a sanitation measure but also a health precaution.